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specific module request? Online parties / tracking

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Is there a way or does jrox do specific programming for a module or add on that I need? or perhaps can someone who has already done this point me in the right direction?

I am wanting to add the feature "online parties" to Jrox JEM. Essentially a member (affiliate) can set up online parties through their member area, and the system will create a "shop now" button for the party as well as track it as a goal (IE hostess rewards) for the customer.

Does anyone have an idea how I can integrate this type of feature or if there is a module for it?

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I would love information on this as well. Basically what happens is this:

I own a store and wish to gain more traffic, so I set up the affiliate program. All my affiliates earn money from their sales. Let's say this company is Tupperware (who have been around for many moons). At tupperware, the affiliate can hold parties at their host's house. The host opens up their house to you and invites all their friends/relatives, neighbors, etc. The sales generated from that party are tabulated and the host or hostess who was holding the party gets incentives for having it at her house and inviting buying friends. these incentives can mean 10% of party total in free product.... or whatever you like. bottom line, let's say this same party is held online like through facebook. Where people can order at their leisure. is there a way to set up a form that collects the HOST party info so when the attendees order, they pick the host's name upon check out. All those totals are combined so we know how much that host made at her party.

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