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JAM crashes with some settings combination

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I'm having hard times with JAMm, its affiliate part suddenly stops working as soon as I change some of the settings.

After doing a fresh install I do the following things:

  • upload Russian translation

    Add Russian Language, code RU. Set Russian language as default globally. Set Russian language as default for admin

    Add Russian rouble with code RUR and activate it. Set comma as a decimal separator. Set it as a default currency.


everything works :) fine, then...

  • I Change Time format from m-d-YY to d-m-YY in Global and Admin settings and...


Affiliate login page and main page stop loading! :o It shows 'no direct script access allowed' in plain text.

If I change time standard *or* currency *or* language, in some combination it works, in some it doesn't.

I couldn't locate any log files so I need someone's help to fix it. Can't use your wonderful system because of that :cry:

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