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How To Get Forced Matrix License

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1. Why can't I find out how much the Forced Matrix License cost on the site?

2. I have the free version and have tested and analyzed it. I am ready to get the Standard License

3. I then want to purchase the Forced Matrix License. What is the process?

4. It is written that the forced matrix goes down 10 levels. Does this mean, I can set commissions down 10 levels? If so, that is okay. OR does it mean, I can only SEE the matrix down 10 levels? Please clarify

5. Why don't you return my voice mail messages? Support is crucial.

Thank you.


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You can purchase the forced matrix license when you purchase the owned license on the buy now page:


Just click on the forced matrix addon to add it to your license purchase.

Yes, you can set 10 levels of commissions. for example:


Level 1 - 10%
Level 2 - 9%
Level 3 - 8%
Level 4 - 7%
Level 5 - 6%

And so on, up to Level 10.



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