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I have a new system with 4 members.

After several weeks of affiliate links working properly to redirect, yesterday, only 1 member was unable to get the redirect to work.

The link is exactly the same with all members except for the username.

1 member is unable to get the redirect to work. All other members, when someone clicks on the affiliate link, that user is redirected to the correct page.

The member who cannot get the redirect to work any more "does" show the clickthroughs from the same link. So the system is getting the information, but "blocking" the members' link from redirecting.

I've checked all the settings for the member and nothing has changed. I've compared all of the settings to others and nothing is different. I've reviewed several areas of the database and can't find anything that would indicated the member is blocked.

But, only that 1 member is unable to redirect.


If all members use the exact same link, and only 1 member is not working, what could be wrong? Where can I look to see what is blocking the redirect for that member?

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That was already done before posting.

Nobody uses custom anything, and all accounts are active.

Additionally, the user who was being blocked created a new account. None of the clicks using his new affiliate link are showing in the clickthroughs.

The only thing I can imagine is that the system is, somehow, blocking his ip address.

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