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I am trying to get the custom forms to show in the affiliate area as they should.

I have tried several solutions but none work. The users should be able to update these custom fields.

I have tried this solutions. http://community.jrox.com/custom-form-fields#.VvZbHDGXOzQ

I can get it to show up but not properly in the tabs and when I click on submit I am getting this error.


A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1054

Unknown column 'jrox_custom_field_11' in 'field list'

UPDATE `jem_members` SET `jrox_custom_field_1` = 'http://reallysimplesystem.com/dap/a/?a=8196', `jrox_custom_field_2` = '6846863', `jrox_custom_field_3` = '', `jrox_custom_field_5` = '', `jrox_custom_field_6` = '', `jrox_custom_field_7` = '', `jrox_custom_field_8` = 'crtcrt', `jrox_custom_field_9` = 'crtcrt', `jrox_custom_field_10` = 'example_2', `jrox_custom_field_11` = 'Hello', `fname` = 'Rod', `lname` = 'Bf', `primary_email` = 'hott_rod26@yahoo.com', `password` = '87b5e870dadb63037ac8e7cda66c9289', `billing_country` = '223', `profile_description` = '', `updated_by` = 0, `updated_on` = 1458968112, `payment_name` = '' WHERE `member_id` = '1'

Filename: application/models/members_model.php

Line Number: 0


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ok, I am starting to figure it all out but still having problems.

What I have been doing was trying to edit the form field names in the database and also add more fields which breaks the form.

What file would I have to change to make it work?

I can leave it jrox_custom_field_1 etc. but I do need to be able to add more fields than the 10 it lets you have.

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