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Some emails being sent to spam

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Hello everyone!

We have recently installed JROX, and at the rate we are going, we may be buying a lifetime license soon, but can't seem to get past one hurdle.

Some of the emails sent from JROX are heading straight to the spam box. These messages include the follow up email chains (max of 3), or if we attempt to draft send a mass email to a specified list (even if the list has only one address) using the mass email button. However, notifications of a new user being added does not get sent to spam. Additionally, if we log in to the email account that is being used for this directly and send an email, it does not get sent to spam. We are using the php setting for the emailer type.

Our domain uses gmail for our mail addresses, and we created this email address at the same time we installed JROX, which is about 3 weeks ago, and have only been using it for JROX. We did quite a bit of digging in the forums here to find we cannot use the smtp setting through JROX with the google servers, hence the php usage.

With all this in mind, my question is- why are the messages that are sent from JROX going to spam (and only some of them for that matter), but the email account itself can still send messages just fine? I'd have some doubts that content of the email is an issue, because we did a test send from both JROX and from the account itself with test123 as the subject and body. From account works, from JROX hit spam. Anyone have any ideas of how to resolve this?

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