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Can JROX Affiliate Manager be used on WIX site?

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I've never used WIX but, JAM only really requires the "site" to have ONE line of code on to track.

You set up your affiliate program(s) IN JAM and give your affiliates URLs; which redirect to whatever site, (even WIX)... you'll just need to modify the "landing page" that comes up when someone purchases from your site... that code MUST be the page that the CUSTOMER hits POST sale; (otherwise it won't work)... JAM gives you a "one pixel" integration code snip that you can use on your WIX site.

Now, this is the part that you're gonna have to contact WIX support about... the "variables" that are needed by that code snip are "dynamic"; meaning, they'll change PER Customer... shouldn't be too big of a deal..

Hope this helps


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