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Ghost account created when updating member profile

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I created a new test account, Charles Xavier. His email addy was auto-populated with default email, so he came out as user84592, and user84592@domain.com at the start

I saved the changes, account Charles Xavier, professorx@xmen.org came to be. When I added a picture to his profile, I noticed that the data for the user and email addy changed.

In making Charles Xavier from user84592@domain.com and updating the profile with a picture/icon , the system also made a new user without my help or intention: user727, user727@domain.com

I saved the changes and found 2 accounts, Charles Xavier, and user727 (with the same icon).

Replicated the steps for a new account, Erik Lehnsherr, to see if it would happen again. Default auto-populate came with user84659, and user84659@domain.com. They became Magneto, Magneto@mutants.org. No duplicate account, I double checked.

Third try, to verify: These were the auto-populated entries for user name and email addy - user515 and user12635@domain.com

I successfully created Kurt Wagner's account. No ghost account for user515, user12635 was Kurt Wagner. I updated his email addy to nightcrawler@xmen.org, user12635 disappeared from the records, only Kurt remained.

I have no idea how a ghost account came to be.

EDIT: I can't find user727 now, I was able to find it some 2 days ago, and not it's no longer in the system

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Follow-up on things I learned from the Magneto, Professor X and Nightcrawler accounts:

The system autopopulates user name and email address, to change those they have to be done manually.

Same name but different email addresses is okay? There are a lot of new user and mike test in the system.

So while the "Name" can be the same, USER name and email has to be different?

No once can sign on or sign up for a new account with the same email address as a previous account.

No one can sign in with the same user name as another account.

What's the difference between name and user name in the system?

All user names and names have to be 5-6 characters minimum? What re the rules for each?

I made a few flubs with Erik and Kurt:

Erik - 4 letters NAME, Magneto - 7 letter USERNAME

Kurt had to be KurtNC -- how come, if Erik is 4 letters, why did the system keep prompting me for "at least 5 characters " if Erik passed the first time?

What does the blue "A" on the user icon mean in the "View all users" mode (and it was green "A" on my screen previously).

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