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Cloning a widget results in non-active image (background image content)

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I went to Widget manager and went at it like an utter noob.

I used the 'clone widget' function to leave the original ones alone

What happens when you clone a widget?

1) I cloned 'flowers headline content' to get 'flowers headline content test'

2) The message 'Record updated successfully" appeared

3) I had to go to Image Manager under Content Media to upload the test image I wanted, and then go back to widgets to locate 'flowers headline content test' again.

I successfully cloned and updated a widget, where and how how do I use it?

How do I activate it? Where?

Not in template manager -- that's all .tpl and I don't know it, so hands off.

I went to Design layout -- Site layout and launched Content Builder, and there I found where the widgets are supposed to go. From the drop down I chose background image content, and looked for the cloned widget.

The image I chose was there, but it couldn't reflect when I tried to preview it. I tired previews but no go. I didn't save any changes.


Widget manager under Design Layout is where you create the widgets that you use under Content Media for the Content Builder.

In cloning a widget,I missed something -- all that appeared was the image IN Widget manager, no overlay of text like the other original widgets. I only updated the image, and didn't touch anything else.

In Content Media -- Content Builder, the coned widget did not -- could not-- update. The image I picked was 688kb,

1200 x 801. jpg. format. Was it too big?

What did I miss?

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