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Updates some links in Member Menu, can't see the changes when logged in as member

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Tested Site Menus under Design layout

I went to Member's Menu, and added FAQ's, Installation, and Trouble shooting -- records successfully updated in each case

Then I tried logging in using Charles Xavier's account, checked out his members area. He is not activated yet.

When I tried to look at the blog section, I go to a page with the "404 page not found" frowny screen.

I went back to his member's dashboard and clicked to activate his affiliate account, thinking that might do the trick -- same frowny face, "404 page not found".

What was working fine: Support, Account, Affiliate Coupons - of course, they're all still empty, because I haven't submitted any tickets, invoices or made coupons yet.

I went to his member profile, not his dashboard, and activated him as an affiliate there, and the record was updated successfully.

BOOM -- I could view his online store AND 'his' blog. Is there a difference updating from the member's dashboard and updating from the member's Overview/Profile?

Anyway, I went to his 'store' went to see his blogs, but can't see any of the the updates I made to the member's menu. How am I supposed to present Charles' store so I can see the new links?

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