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A funny little mistake when I made a test blog post

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I wanted to check out the blog posting feature with images and possibly with video, so I went to Content Media.

Added test blog post. Copy-pasted my text, added image.

Everything went well when I saved changes and opened the link to see the post.

Boom, I saw my nickname and lastname (Both were assigned to me, I am not Supreme Overlord Root Admin.)

I went to Admin and corrected the details to reflect my initials and last name. Saved changes, successfully reflected in the admin section.

I refreshed the blog post --- the nickname and last name are still there.

Once published, the 'author name' is no longer changeable?

EDIT: Of course, one option is simply to delete the pst and make a new one --AFTER correcting the name

I logged out of JEM, refreshed, and logged back in to check the post: No change. Nickname right there in big bold letters.

I made a new test post to check if the change reflect from here on in -- and YES! It did.

In the interest of future admins who might not like their name out there, is there a way to change this?

- I mean, do we put special instructions for assigned ADMINS, hey, this is your name in the system, before publishing any blog posts, make sure your name is how you want it?

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