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PHP error message when I tried testing a new email template

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I wanted to see if I could make dupes and have the system save them safely, so I went to Email tools > Email templates

Went and clicked on "Create email template" button.

Test template copied from email


a new article comment has been posted by {{name}}.

Blog Title: {{title}}

Blog URL: {{site_url}}blog/post/{{url}}





Copy-paste, gave new title, saved changes BUT a new pop-up comes onscreen.

Please Check Errors

The template_name field is required. - I don't know where to look for this

The Description field is required - same here

Not knowing which fields these are, I winged it and chose a random dropdown {{current_date}}

-- still no go, so I thought, maybe if I choose the Disable WYSIWYG option, it might save?

Nope. Got this error message:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined variable: id

Filename: email/tpl_admin_email_templates_manage.php

Line Number: 137


File: /home/jxtesting/public_html/jem3/application/views/admin/email/tpl_admin_email_templates_manage.php

Line: 137

Function: _error_handler

File: /home/jxtesting/public_html/jem3/application/core/JX_Loader.php

Line: 50

Function: view

File: /home/jxtesting/public_html/jem3/application/controllers/jroxadmin/Email_templates.php

Line: 102

Function: page

File: /home/jxtesting/public_html/jem3/index.php

Line: 300

Function: require_once

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