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Mailing list creation questions

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Testing the email list functions now:

Go to Email lists > Click on"Create mailing lists" button

Name the new list: Test Mailing list special tutorials.

Save changes. Successful record creation noted.

I wanted to populate my mailing list, so I clicked on 'Add User'.

'Update user' page appears. And a new user pops up. Why can't I just add contacts directly?

New User



Last Login : Never

Last Login Ip: 180.191.XXX.XXX

Maybe it's 'Add contact'?

No, another pop up, same thing. A new new user.

New User


Last Login : Never

Last Login Ip: 180.191.XXX.XXX

Not being able to search within this page I went search specific contacts from the search bar on top. Searched for three specific contacts, all test account.

I went to their 'Groups' tab on their individual profiles, and manually added the mailing list to their inclusions, then saved all changes

I went back to mailing lists.

I checked again and the three were added as subscribers to the test mailing list.

So far, so good.

I went back to 'View Mailing lists' and clicked on 'view follow-up messages' icon -- at this point it had a count of zero,

I clicked on 'Add follow-up' button, made a follow-up email, clicked saved. Record/System updated successfully.

Refreshed the follow-up page and the 0 turned into a 1.

Successful goals of adding new mailing list and adding follow-ups to that mailing list, as well as manually adding subscribers to that test list.


Does the add user/add contact function create a new default user each time?

I searched the contacts and user141 is there, and inactive.

Is there a more direct way to add subscribers than the way I took -- manual lookup of subscriber, manual input of mailing list inclusion?

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