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The file_get_content integration

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After the php5.6 changes this is not working on https.

But I can make fake commissions from my browser http://mysite.com/myfolder/sale/amount/$AMOUNT/trans_id/$ORDERID/tracking_code/$COOKIE

I write the values into the variables.

I think everybody can make fake commission who "know" the script.

I think it is a security risk.

It is a better method to post (with a security ID) than this.

Or another possibility if I can change the route from "myfolder/sale/amount/" to "myfolder/sale23tqprz65kst/amount/" for example.

Or if you not encrypt a file - the sale.php I think.

If the file is "open source" (only this file) we can implemet own our secure transactions.



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