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Login not working over SSL

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Hello support,

I made a JAM installation few days ago, migrating a new customer from an old server.

The problem started once I enabled the /aff directory to be served over https.

Now when I try to login as admin ( https://mysite.com/aff/admin_login ) with the right credentials, the page reload itself without showing any error.

Digging a bit, it looks like chrome is complaining for few URL yet to be served over http, so marking the page as unsecure.

These are the urls:




they are in the source code of the html page generated (I guess) from index.php, which is encoded with ioncube, so there's no easy way to manually fix it.

I had a look at old topics here in the forum but I didn't see anything related.

I'm wondering if is possible that this is a bug that has been there for ages... preventing anyone to login to the admin panel via SSL, which should be the only viable option... or else?

These directories are part of the jam package, so I really don't understand what else could be wrong on the server side.

Please let me know

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