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I am struggling setting up rates and shipping zones in the Unit Based Shipping module.

In JEM2 it was pretty easy to define several zones (two caracter country codes) and shipping rates based on wight: (i.e. BE, NL - 1:5.00;2:6.50;5:9.90 )

This means for Belgium and Holland shipping cost up to 1 kilo = 5.00 euros, up to 2 kilos = 6.50 euros and up to 5 kilos = 9.90 euros

How does it work in the e-commerce suite?

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The shipping modules works this way. First, create Regional zones.


This will segment the different countries that you want to charge shipping for.

Once you create those setup unit based shipping:


On the shipping zones tab, you can then specify each zone, the min and max amounts for that zone.


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Thanks for the info, I am getting closer but still need some fine tuning.

What I need, just like in JEM 1 and 2 is the possibility to define different shipping rates for different total weight per destination. Let me give you an example:

Shipping to France:

up to 2 lbs: $3

up to 5 lbs: $5

up to 10 lbs: $8

Shipping to Germany:

up to 5 lbs: $5

up to 10 lbs: $7

up to 20 lbs: $10

Shipping to Belgium:

up to 4 lbs: $3

up to 8 lbs: $5

up to 15 lbs: $8

Free shipping for orders over $75 in goods


This was pretty easy in JEM but I can't really get my head around on how to get there in e-Commerce Suite. Thank you for your patience.


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First, create 3 different regional zones, one for France, one for Belgium, and one for Germany.  When creating the zone, on the zones tab, select only the country for that zone, one for France, one for Belgium, and one for Germany. For regions, set it to 'all regions'.


Once you have created the three different regional zones,  You can specify each on in the unit based shipping module, under the shipping zones tab.

For free shipping, just set the amount of 75 and set the zone to 'all countries and regions'. 

I've attached screenshots, so you can see. 

Hope this helps.






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5 hours ago, smimarter2021 said:

I am using the ecommerce suite and the shipping module does not have where I can configure the flat fee shipping. I can activate but I can't add a shipping price.

 Click on the Shipping Zones tab to add different flat fee shipping amounts to different zones.

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