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17 hours ago, Ads Gtc said:

I have also installed electronics one theme and get the following message:

An Error Was Encountered 
Template "js/carousel.tpl" is not defined in "home/default.tpl" at line 80.

What does that mean now?

OK after a complete reinstallation, including the other themes, everything is available without error messages.

But what I'm still looking for is a way to resize the slideshow. Does anyone have any clues for me?

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17 hours ago, WebStore Studio said:

Why does the theme does not show on the website even though it's been installed correctly?

To use a theme, first click on 'Activate' to make it the selected theme in Design Layout > Layout andThemes > Logos and Themes, for it to be used.  Afterwards, refresh your browser.

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On 10/17/2020 at 12:55 PM, Forum Support said:

Do you want to resize the image or the actual slide?

You can edit the template itself in /application/views/site/global/slideshows.tpl

Yes, that's right, in /application/views/site/global/slideshows.tpl I can adjust it myself only where can I adjust the height?

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