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Moving onward, I run into several issues in the new e-Commerce Suite.

Being used to work with JEM, I can not find the performance bonuses for affiliates. What I am looking for is the bonus for affiliates reaching a certain sales amount or commission amount. The bonus can consist either of an amount or an upgrade to higher affiliate group.

Is this available in e-Commerce suite or are you still working on that?


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Which performance bonuses are you referring to? There are a few options for performance rewards.  You can go to:

  1.  Affiliate Marketing > Commission Rules
  2. Promotions > Loyalty Rewards
  3. Settings > Marketing > Performance

Each option is a bit different

Commission Rules

Allows you to set rewards based on volume of sales / referrals / commissions

Loyalty Rewards

Give users a points incentive for signing up for site.  Points can then be redeemed for gift certificates later.

Performance Tab in Settings

Give users and their referring affiliates a signup bonus in commissions.


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