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1 hour ago, Forum Support said:

you add your downloads in Content Media > Download Files

Once you do that, you can assign them for each products under the Media > Download Files > Assigned Download Files



OK and how can I upload files which are larger than the specified size?
I offer courses where the file size is 200 and more MB.

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Correct, that's how I did it.
But what bothers me is that there is only one download folder and I cannot create any sub-folders or is there a possibility. E.g. one folder for eBooks and the next folder for courses.

But the next problem I have is the question of where customers can download their products.

Assuming I sell an eBook, enter it in the product description under Media / Download and then? I was assuming that the customer could then immediately download his product in the back office. But I can't find any information about the download in the customer area.

Thank you in advance for a quick answer.


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if you need to separate them by subfolder, just upload it to the subfolder via FTP, and set it as part of the filename:




If you sell downloads, make sure you enable the downloads icon in Design Layout > Site Layout > Dashboard icons, so the user can cilck on it in the members dashboard.

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4 minutes ago, Ads Gtc said:

But where can I set that a subfolder is needed? I can't change that in the settings. Then where is the big question.

OMG, yes it's OK now I get it.
Right next to the file name. E.g. Folder / filename.zip
Is that correct???

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I'm so sorry, but I do not come again to continue.

I followed all your instructions step by step and yes the product is displayed for download in the customer's back office.

But when I want to download the product, the following message appears.

404 Page not Found.

What did I do wrong again?

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I have now tested for one day and the result is still not satisfactory. 

The following appears

with the result 404 Page not Found

OK, I think I'm a big step further in solving the puzzle.
It has something to do with my domain being on a vhost.

Therefore also appears in Settings / Database e.g. /home/httpd/vhosts/exampledomain1.com/backup/ or for the download /home/httpd/vhosts/exampledomain1.com/downloads/

The question that arises for me now is where and how can I make the settings that both the backup folder and the download folder directly under my actual domain https://exampledomain2.org be guided. Because when I try to change that in the back office, the message appears --- Backup Path - Invalid Directory Path

It is certainly not a normal situation, but the same problems may arise for other users and then find the solution here as well as me.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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HI, we uploaded a PDF, and we can see it in the "fpadmin/products_downloads/view" page, but we cannot attached it to a link, nor can we see the link for the uploaded PDF.  Where can we find the link associated with the upload .PDF?

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