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Where can I set up subcategories for my blog? Or is that not planned? If not, there will be a lot of confusion for admins.

For example, a car repair category brings together many different sub-categories such as engine, transmission, body, and more. So how and where can I make settings for subcategories?


Thanks for your help and support. 


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That is very, very bad and not fully thought through.

How are customers supposed to find their way around quickly when there are thousands of posts. As a customer, I would probably leave the website in such a situation and look elsewhere.

I am more and more convinced that this software will be an eternal construction site because something is missing over and over again. This is very sad, especially when you had with Jem 2.xxxx software that worked well. At the moment only the multilingualism of the software is really positive.


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Thanks for the feedback.

This feature is already been added to the to do list for a future update.

Much like other software applications, we do plan on making updates and new features available as time goes by.

If you have other features you would like to suggest, please do.


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