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Can Admin approval and email confirmation be used concurrently?

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I have global setting set to: "require email confirmation on signup" AND "require admin approval on signup".

On new affiliate signup, I had to approve account (as expected), however the affiliate never had to confirm their email (they never receive any email until account is approved by admin).

I expected that when user created account that, they would first have to confirm signup, then after they validate, the admin would approve the account. What appears to happen is that if "require admin approval" is on, it overrides the "require email confirmation".

Am I seeing expected behavior? and is it possible to require confirmation of signup, then put in admin approval queue?

Thanks for any clarifications.

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I have confirmed that the confirmation email was not sent.

It is not in SPAM folder and was not logged via email archive. The only emails that were sent were 1) Email to admin telling me of new account created and 2) Email to affiliate after I approved the account. No confirmation was email was ever sent when both "require email confirmation on signup" AND "require admin approval on signup" are enabled.

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