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We are currently using PAP (Post Affiliate Pro) and we are needing to get away from them ASAP. We have decided JAM will work for us however we have a question.

We use OpenCart on our main .com and PAP is also through that. We want to use JAM on a different .com and have the affiliates links redirect back to the main .com website.

So it will be like this with JAM....

rep.2nddomain.com redirected to 1stdomain.com

Is this possible... if yes can someone explain how we would do this? We know we have seen this done a million times... company.com and reps get name.iamwithcompany.com that redirects.

We are trying to avoid long time outage and smooth transition.


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yes, you can install JAM on a different domain if you want.

affiliate links will look like:


and can redirect to:


however, on the affiliatedomain.com, you have to make sure you can setup dynamic subdomains properly as you will need access to your web and name server records:


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